KFR WORKS vol. 2

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Need your next hit of seductive nurses and maids who can make you (literally) drop dead? Wait no longer: KFR is back!
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KFR continues his nurse and maid streak with a second collection of his favorite artwork! If you love KFR's art, then you're sure to love this book as well!

KFR Works Vol. 2 picks up right where KFR Works Vol. 1 left off, compiling KFR's favorite nurse and maid illustrations from 2020 and 2021. Also included are several guest artist illustrations, along with a short Animal Crossing tribute manga! With the original art descriptions fully translated and the tribute manga lovingly lettered, this English release is the best way to keep supporting KFR and his fantastic art!

Clocking in at 44 pages, this B5 size artbook is printed on high-quality paper stock to perfectly reproduce the quality of the original Japanese release. Now's your chance to pick up the second official anthology of KFR's best work!

Size: B5
Pages: 44

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