Moe Moe Magic Daishuki Hold Doll ~ Normal Position

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This is a fun inflatable love doll which lets you fuck a full-sized anime girl using your favorite onahole! This is the missionary position version.
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This is a fun 2.5D toy which makes anime more real for us! It's an inflatable love doll that simulates the full body of a cute anime girl, complete with a space to put your favorite onahole between her legs.

To use, inflate the air pillow about 70% full, then insert your favorite small-to-medium sized onahole into the space between her legs. Then inflate the doll the rest of the way and get ready for a party!

This is the "missionary" position air pillow, which you can use to simulate many sexual positions, including missionary, girl-in-your-lap and cowgirl position.

Warning: do not over-inflate or place too much pressure on the air doll. If a puncture occurs, use a bicycle repair patch to plug the hole.

Length: 125cm (49.2in)
Width: 62cm (24.4in)

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