Meiki Zekketsu (Dual Hole)

Shipping from Japan
Here's a great onahole that offers you two great ways to relieve your stress!
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Enjoy the Meiki Zekketsu, a new onahole from A-One that gives you both a vaginal and anal route whenever you want to take the edge off!

The onahole is thick and satisfying, and easy to hold thanks to the grooves on its side. Part the large pussy lips and slip inside the vaginal side, which is long and inviting and features dozens of twists and grooves for you. Or if you want to switch things up, why not do her in the ass, which is tighter. Both interiors feature accurately pink coloring inside.

At 590 grams, the onahole is the perfect amount of mass to create a realistic feel of female flesh around your member. You can hold it in your hand, or use it on a flat surface such as a desk or your bed.

Length: 17cm (6.7in)
Weight: 590g (1.3lbs)

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SKU: AO987