Female Body Paradise ~ All in One

Shipping from Japan
This is a great new onahole offering from Japanese ero toy company Fillworks, which is perfect for anyone who wants a large and "thicc" girl to fuck!
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Enjoy the new Female Body Paradise All in One, an amazing onahole that promises to get the job done! With 650 grams of material, it will offer a thicc an satisfying 2D waifu experience any time you need it.

You can see this onahole means business when you see how large it is, with a large, welcoming vagina and soft ass cheeks that you can touch. Push through the accurately-colored pussy lips and you'll be having tons of fun inside. The interior is incredibly well-designed, with large protrusions out from all sides to stimulate you.

The Female Body Paradise All in One onahole is made in Japan for maximum safety and quality, and special "NAC Lotion," which is specially designed to help get you harder.

Length: 16cm (6.3in)
Weight: 650g (1.4lbs)

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