Amusement Ecstasy Box (Random Onahole Box)

Shipping from Japan
An awesome new deluxe "gacha" random box filled with super awesome onahole for your use, any time you feel stress. This may be the only onahole purchase you need, ever!
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J-List customers love it when onahole makers release "bonus boxes" filled with random onaholes, which allow the manufacturers to control overstocked items and give customers a whole lot of fun items to enjoy!

This is a deluxe new Amusement Ecstasy Box from Nippori Gift,a huge box that is filled with sexy and fun toys to you, all sealed in airtight packaging straight from the factory floor. The contents are TOTALLY random you might get seven medium and large toys and three anal plugs, or 1-2 very large toys toy with a lower number of smaller items. But you will definitely love them all!

This adult toy is newly restocked!

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