Older GIrls Only -- Toshiue Gentei

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Here's a great collection of hentai stories by Aki Oshima and GOT Comics!
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If you love stories of older, experienced girls and younger virgin boys, then this manga is for you.

A sexy girl who decides to cheer her younger cousin by taking his cherry. A tall tanned GAL finds a shy boy to fuck. A senpai at work is hard on her male employee...until he discovers her secret part-time job working in a bunny girl cafe. A man's wife's sister loves to play house with him. And more!

The chapter list for this manga is

1. Missing You More part 1
2. Missing You More part 2
3. The Recommendation Of A Black Gal
4. Senpai's Whispering
5. Saikai Meeting Again
6. The Knot Of Dreams
7. Punishing Sister In Law With Sex

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Pages: 220

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