Nanaka no Rakuen Comic Edition vol.1 -The Garden in The Begging of Summer-

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Here's a great hentai manga from artist Akatsuki Myuuto and Mujin Comics with great hentai stories about harem sex!
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It's tough living in rural Japan, because there's not much to do...other than having wild sex, that is.

My name is Hiyomi. I'm a teacher who was assigned to be a teacher in a rural school. I spent my youth never having a girlfriend, but suddenly I have six sexy female students. They've all taken an interesting in me, and let me take their virginity.

The chapter list for this manga is1. Nananatsu No Rakuen -- The Paradise of Seven Summers2. Everyone Playing Lovers 3. The Version Of Washing Children In A Hot Spring 4. Hide And Seek In Naked 5. Playing Doctor

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Pages: 230

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