Futanari Dick Collection 2

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If you love cute girls with huge, veined cocks, then you will love this hentai manga from ITAMI and 2DC Comics with lots of futanari!
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This is a great hentai manga from artist ITAMI filled with stories of gorgeous futa girls wiith huge cocks, giving it to each other in all available holes.

The chapter list for this manga is1. The Otaseru's Gal VS Boku 2. Boku Vs Boku In The Wall Circling Club 3. Boku VS Boku Boku VS Boku Boku VS Boku 4. The Black Gal VS Boku Of The Wotasaa Who Came Back Newly Drawn 5. Ochi Po Female Knight And Virgin Princess 6. The Futanari-san And The Straight Guy 7. The Twin Caste The Counterattack Of The Non Religious Brother 8. My Son Is The Demon King's Feminized Father

This ero manga is newly restocked!

Pages: 208

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