HIMEHAJIME -- Start the Princess Time

Shipping from Japan
We love ero toy maker Fillworks for making some of the best large onaholes, and this is the new HIMEHAJIME, a sexual "princess" who wants to please you!
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"I won't tell anyone, so... would you please have sex with me?"

The new HIMEHAJIME onahole from Fillworks is amazing, a huge mass of pleasure for you to use any time you need it!

The onahole is massive, with 650g of weight for you, to bring a more realistic onahole experience. Push past the large and realistic labia and you'll find an accurately pinkred colored interior, made possible by a dual-layer manufacturing technique.

The inside of the onahole is amazing, with five main chambers separated by "tight zones" that squeeze you as you push past them. The complexity and detail of the onahole guarantee you'll finish quickly.

The toy includes NAC lotion, specially designed to help your erection during use. The toy is also designed to have less "onahole smell."

Length: 16cm (6.3in)
Weight: 650g (1.4lbs)

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