Ogre vs Dark Elf: Operation Ogre Breeding

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Ogres breed only once every ten years... and when they do, they milk their dark elf futanari partners of every drop of semen they can muster!
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Mikoyan returns to J18 Publishing with Ogre vs Dark Elf: Operation Ogre Breeding! Because ogres only breed once per decade, they make it their mission to secure the most potent semen possible... and that means ravishing elven lands for every ounce of cum they possess!

It's the decennial mating migration of the ogres, and these muscle-bound beasts are out in force! Their targets are futanari dark elves, who possess particularly potent semenand since the ogres breed so rarely, every cumshot counts! Overseeing the mating migration is ogre matriarch Goliya, and she has her sights set on the tastiest dark elf of all: Sohaya, captain of the royal guard! Goliya's prepared to top Sohaya from the bottombut is the strongest, thirstiest ogre pussy any match for the longest, girthiest futanari dark elf cock?!

J18 Publishing and Mikoyan are proud to present this special English edition of Ogre vs Dark Elf: Operation Ogre Breeding. This full-color doujinshi is presented in large-format B5 size, featuring fully translated and lettered dialogue and SFX to preserve everything you loved about the original Japanese version... except now, you can drool over Mikoyan's muscle mommy ogres and dick-packing dark elves without a single black bar of censorship! We'll publish Mikoyan more than once every ten years, but you'd better grab your copy today!

Pages: 34
Size: B5

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