Kinshi no Ane 3 -- My Near-Sighted Older Sister 3

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A superb doujin artbook by artist 92M featuring his dynamite art of an older sister, who lives with her younger brother. She's a meganekko, or glasses girl, and is super cute. This is volume 3!
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Our hero Otouto-kun ("younger brother-kun") has two super sexy oneesan type girls hanging around him, and both are nearsighted, wearing stylish glasses. When they drink too much beer, both girls get drunk and start competing for Otouto-kun's attention. The book is amazing with super cute artwork of both girls here for you!

circle Daikotetsu-Dan
artist 92M
genre Original

This doujinshi is newly restocked!

Pages: 30

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SKU: NDJ1708