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Artist Kuronomiki and GOT Comics give us this powerhouse of hentai in manga form!
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Enjoy an amazing hentai manga that could only come from GOT Comics and artist Kuronoaki. This is a "renewal" edition that's been reissued with extra content!

In Japanese, evaporated milk is called "ren-nyu," but in this case the kanji have been changed to "Love Milk."

The chapter list for this manga is

1. Open For Business
2. Magokoro Hold
3. Princess Of The Sun (tanned waifu succubus!)
4. Princess Of Warmth
5. Two Balls In A Marriage
6. Forced My Way
7. Yukikaze Koimoi
8. Yukigae Koiho Another Point
9. Sunny Drops
10. An Elder Sister's Heart And Haru's Sky
11. SUN x Summer (more tanlines!)
12. Nemuri Hime
13. Break The COMPLEX
14. Kigake Wa Koi No Aphrodisiac
15. Princess Of The Waterside

Pages: 270

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