Enjo Kouhai - Omnibus 3 *FULL COLOR*-- Enjyo Kouhai 3

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Who doesn't love dark-skinned anime girls with cute devil horns engaging in some good old prostitution? That's what you get in this full color book from At Home Shuka, and in a great omnibus format!
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A gorgeous book with a title Enjyo Koukai, a pun on the word enjyo kousai or "compensated dating" (a common euphemism for prostitution), substituting kouhai or underclassman. When a half-human, half-human JK meets her teacher out in the street, she forces him to pay for her to go hang with him at a karaoke bar, where of course she gives him the sex he's paid for. Super art and sex in this amazing work.

This book combines 5 different separately published works for you, plus two new "omake" chapters!

circle Athome Shuka
artist Takunomi
genre original

This doujinshi is newly restocked!

Pages: 174

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