Cosplay Roshutsu Kenkyuukai – Blu-ray Perfect Version 【Value Price】 (Blu-ray)

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Enjoy the perfect version of this fun hentai anime on Blu-ray!
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Misakura Nankotsu of circle Harthnir, famous for his ahegao (sex-crazed faces) and messy group sex scenes, lends his directorial prowess to the anime adaptation of the Pin-Point doujin software game that he also provided CG illustrations for, the "cosplay exhibitionist study group." Taking as its theme the fantasy scenario of a cosplayer who enjoys compromising her outfits in sexy ways to the point that she'll strip down for cameramen at Comic Market, it's a depraved sex romp that includes photography fetishes, bukkake, public play and exhibitionism, and much more. This Blu-ray contains both episodes of this fantastic anime in full 1080 HD. 40 minutes total. DVD zoned for all regions, Japanese language.

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