Tsundere Inran Shojo Sukumi – Blu-ray Perfect Version 【Value Price】 (Blu-ray)

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This is the value price edition of Tsundere Inran Shojo Sukumi Blu-ray Perfect Version. 30 minutes.
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Heading home late from school one hot summer day, you step into the locker room to get your stuff - only to realize that you've stumbled into the girls' locker room, and there's a cute, twintailed girl undressing in front of you. The girl, Sukumi, demands a price for her silence. You have to come here every day and satisfy her sexual needs!

This is the Blu-ray Perfect Version which contains episodes 1 and 2. Features the adorable tsundere Sukumi in all sorts of sexy situations, from traditional sex and fellatio to footjobs, cosplay, and even tentacles. Great for fans of school swimsuits and twintailed girls.

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