Harukoi Otome – Blu-ray Perfect Version 【Value Price】 (Blu-ray)

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This is the Perfect Version Value Price of the popular h-anime Harukoi Otome. Contains all the episodes of the hentai OVA. 60 minutes.
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The ultimate Blu-ray release of the ero anime OVA from White Bear based on the heroine-full game from BaseSon is here! It's Harukoi Otome, the academy-themed story with a female to male ratio of 40 to 1. All the episodes of the OVA are packed into one film of nonstop action, presented in glorious full HD (1920x1080) with a 60 minute runtime. You get countless amazing sexy scenes with the "H" anime's cast of beautiful academy girls, coming in all shapes and sizes and kinky fetishes that the protagonist gets to satisfy, from elaborate uniform cosplay sex to bathing suits, fellatio, three ways with two girls, finger play, breast play, outdoor and indoor sex, tons of different positions and much more.

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