JS Gakuen: Sex With Sensei

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These girls put the "suck" in sucking up to their teachers!
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Shosan Bozu makes their English debut with J18 Publishing in JS Gakuen: Sex With Sensei! When all your bodacious students want to be teacher's pet, trying not to pick favorites isn't the only thing that's hard!

Most teachers have to pay up for the privilege of extracurricular activities with their students... but Mister Tokioka has five students so eager to receive his special guidance, they'll let him enjoy their soft, squishy bodies for free! Rin is always eager to be first, and with her dark pigtails and massive rack, she's basically built for titjobs! Marina is no less generously endowed, but her golden locks lend her an extra air of refinement. Akari's auburn ponytail keeps her hair out of the way when her boobs are jiggling in his face, and Rikka's brown double buns clash perfectly with her titty tanlines! Last but not least is Sumire, whose purple double drills come all the way down to her plump inverted nipples! Keeping five schoolgirls satisfied will take every ounce of stamina Mister Tokioka can spare... along with the rest of his bodily fluids!

J18 Publishing and Shosan Bozu are pleased to present this special English edition of JS Gakuen: Sex With Sensei. Printed in the same A5 form factor as the original, this release features fully translated and lettered dialogue and SFX to preserve everything you loved about the original version... except now, you can finally appreciate Shosan Bozu's buxom babes without a single black bar of censorship! Mister Tokioka knows a good deal when he sees oneyou should take a lesson from him, and buy your copy of this book today!

Pages: 222
Size: A5

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