Twisting Threads -- Ito wo Saguru

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We love hentai manga with amazing art, and great stories that can delight us. That's what you get with this new offering from Katsuya Takayanagi.
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A great hentai manga from Katsuya Takayanagi and Megastore Comics!

A tanned track-and-field girl waits for a bus alone in the middle of nowhere, where she meets a nerdy boy from her class, where they experience "sex while taking shelter from the rain." A man gets invited into a bar for 30 minutes of "all you can drink" and gets much more. An athletic girl lets her childhood friend drink water pooled between her legs, and more!

The chapter list for this manga is1. Katatsumuri 2. I Only Want To Do What I Want To Do 3. On A Rainy Night 4. Sayonara Chillout 5. A Thread In The Shade 6. Summer 7. Bugs And Deadlocks

Pages: 230

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