Sex X Food

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Hentai artist Kamitani and Angel Comics bring us a fun hentai manga and food?
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Sex and food are two of our favorite things, and this hentai manga explores both. The Japanese title is Sex x Meshi.

A happy marriage of food and Eros! Akane and Koji are a lovey-dovey couple who love eating delicious food together than having rich sex.

(The first eight chapters are about Akane and Koji, and the final two chapters are a two-part story about a sexy elf princess.)

The chapter list for this manga is

1. Prolog -- Yakisoba
2. Korean Barbecue
3. Ramen
4. Pizza
5. Soumen Champloo
6. Tomato Nabe
7. Ethnic Food x Strawberries
8. A 9-Course Meal in a Wedding Dress
9. The Elf Princess and the Ring 1
10. The Elf Princess and the Ring 2

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Pages: 196

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