That Pretty Girl Is a Pleasure Hunting Monster

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This is a fun hentai manga from artist Shizyoumako and GOT Comics with outstanding hentai stories you will love!
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Enjoy a powerful hentai manga from artist Shizyoumako, with stories that were run in Comic EXE and are collected here for you.

There's the popular Yume Miru Silent Monster, in which a lucky MC-kun gets to fuck two sisters at the same time, a story about a tanned gyaru and her friend sharing a boy's cock, plus Onsen Ryokan Nagase, about what really happens at Japan's traditional hot spring inns.

The chapter list for this manga is1. My Library 2. Dreaming Silent Monster 3. Awakening Silent Monster 4. Newly Drawn 5. Beyond The Gaze 6. Shiroiro Kuromogiru 7. In The Forest Where You Sink 8. Leaving Yuri-chan Village 9. Welcome To Onsen Ryokan Nagase 110. Welcome To Onsen Ryokan Nagase 211. Welcome To Onsen Ryokan Nagase 3

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Pages: 230

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