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This two-in-one artbook collection showcases 13 years worth of Kantoku's illustrations and character designs, with the heftiness of the price tag matched only by the heft of the actual books!
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From internationally-acclaimed artist Kantoku, J18 Publishing is delighted to present The Art of Kantoku: a two-book box set cataloging all of Kantoku's gorgeous illustrations from 2019 all the way back to 2007! These two hardcover, full-color, open-flat, A4-size artbooks are the ultimate way to peruse Kantoku's work, and a must-own for any fan of his incredible art.

The first book in this set of two is the 228-page Kantoku Illustration Collection, featuring Kantoku's sweeping full-page landscapes and character illustrations, with a stitched binding ensuring that when you open the pages wide, you won't miss out on a single centimeter of skin. Get a glimpse into Kantoku's mind with never-before seen, fully-translated commentary on some of his grandest illustrations (and learn how much hornier he is for the camera angles than the girls!) The large-format printing of each page allows for every last detail of Kantoku's artwork to be on full display, delivering an unforgettable reading experience.

The second book is the 100-page Kantoku Character Collection, a wholly unique compilation featuring full biographies, interviews, and oodles of unseen artwork of each of Kantoku's nine original characters created over the past 13 years! Each girl gets a page where you can learn everything about her from her likes and dislikes to her three sizes, topped off with an entire interview from the creator himself and followed by pages and pages of artwork that didn't fit into the illustration collection. With a full-page interview with Kantoku at the very end, this character collection is the perfect companion to the larger illustration collection!

It is the pleasure of J18 Publishing and Kantoku to present you with The Kantoku Collection. Compiling over twenty-five of Kantoku's individual doujinshi, each volume is representative of the countless hours of translation and layout spent creating these two hardcover, full-color, open-flat, A4-size artbooks. Comprising three-hundred and twenty-eight pages, this is the definitive and most complete way to enjoy Kantoku's artwork outside Japan. So, what do you say—ready to bring home a copy of your very own?

Pages: 328
Size: 31.4x22

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