A Service By Demi-Human Maids Collection

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Here's a great anthology hentai manga filled with stories of sexual service by demi-human maids, by ten different artists!
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Here's a fun hentai manga anthology featuring ten chapters of sexy monster girl / demi-human maids offering sexual services! The chapters are by ten different artists including GIGI Met, Contra, Doku Denpa and many others.

The chapters are

1. Even If Your Command is Broken (tanned succubus maid!)
2. Iinari Servant (Cat Girl maid!)
3. New Maid Rooka is Ready for Training
4. My Cute Maid Transforms Into a Leopard At Night?
5. My Tsundere Onee-san Type Maid is an Android
6. My Cow Girl Maid Can't Produce Milk
7. Nympho Maid Dream
8. Maid a la Mode
9. Being Cared For By a Dragon Maid
10. Maid Luna is Too Clumsy!

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Pages: 192

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