Man-Chu AnAn Immoral Feast

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Hentai artist Orihaka and Wani Magazine Comics bring us a great hentai manga work with awesome stories for you!
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From the pages of Comic Kairakuten comes a great collection of hentai stories by artist Orihika.

A girl who gets stuck in a wall while wearing a sexy China dress and gets fucked by all of her co-workers.A sexy female ninja who needs to be broken in sexually. A goddess who appears before a lucky guy in order to procreate with him. And more!

The chapter list for this manga is

1. And Spicy Hustle
2. OPP - Office Parallel Peace
3. Erotic Action Replay
4. Celebrity In Public Bathhouse
5. Mating Ninpocho
6. What Did You Drop
7. Doeroglyphs
8. Sister Monster

Pages: 160

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