Corrupted Party

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Enjoy the most amazing hentai manga ever published by Satou Kuuki, Corrupted Party!
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Satou Kuuki has become a legend in the hentai manga world because of his amazing art, sexy characters and awesome erotic stories. This is Corrupted Party, a super thick deluxe hentai manga that's B5 (twice the size of a standard hentai manga).

Inside find 242 pages of amazing hentai, as we learn about the dark underbelly of the idol world.

The manga collects several stories that were published individually in Comic ANTHURIUM. It's great to see all these amazing girls getting fucked.

The chapter list for this manga is1. Shino-chan Nerunna 2. Kegareboshi Blue 3. Kegareboshi Red 4. Purple The First Stage Of Kegarebooshis 5. Kegareboshi Black 6. Netokano 7. Netokano After Party 8. Netosis Kasumi Haruno 9. Netosis After Syndrome

This ero manga is newly restocked!

Pages: 242

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