Stripped Wife *Full Color*

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This is an amazing hitozuma and kyonyu (huge breast) themed hentai manga, with stories and full page illustrations that are positively incredible.
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This is a full color manga artbook by artist Eltole and Angel Comics, and it consists of many short chapters and full page illustrations. The chapter list is

1. Married Woman Punishment Proram
2. Female Slut Teacher Flesh
3. Female Shepherd Story
4. Elite Female Boss Getting Fucked
5. The Wife Without Innocence
6. Group Sex Therapy Hospital What I Do For My Son
7. Forced Family Ties
8. The Female Detective with Huge Breasts
9. The Teacher with Summer-Colored Hair part 1
10. The Teacher with Summer-Colored Hair part 2
11. My Mother was Sold to a Soapland
12. Life in a Sexual Prison
13. The Married Section Chief at Work's Sexual Hell
14. Married Female Prisoner Gets Paroled
15. Fitness Class Inside Sexual Prison
16. Department of Flesh
17. Dangerous Onsen Hot Springs
18. Shameful Drawing Session
19. Tanned Girl with Tan Lines Fantasy

Pages: 114

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