OVA Hatsukoi Jikan #4 (Region 2)

Shipping from Japan
This is the hentai OVA adaptation of the hit pure love hentai comic by simon, Hatsukoi Jikan. Produced by Lune Pictures. 20 minutes, region 2 DVD. This is volume 4.
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This is an awesome hentai anime adaptation of the hit eromanga by the artist simon. Volume 4 is about a young man who is trying to be the smartest student in class but he cannot seem to surpass their class genius who happens to be a cute girl. One day, the genius girl plays a very sexy prank on the young man to distract him from his studies. The young man can't help but notice she is hot and succumbs to her teasing. If you like pure love stories and romance then get this amazing work by Lune Pictures.

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