Idols Galore! - Please Enjoy the Idol Download Edition

A hentai game about the darker side of idols, but you&sbquore the boss!
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A hentai game about the darker side of idols, but you&sbquore the boss!

A uniquely Japanese harem-style game in which you find yourself in control of beautiful pop idols, whose careers you have total control over -- hence you can make them perform any sexual act you want. A great game with some excellent art, and a lot of information on an aspects of modern Japanese pop culture. Includes a great "hands free" feature too!

You&sbquore about to enter the very sexy world of Japan&sbquos singing pop idols -- and you&sbquore going to have fun! Pop idol culture is highly developed in Japan, and everywhere you turn you&sbquore confronted with incredibly gorgeous girls who charm their way into the hearts of male fans. But life as a pop star isn&sbquot always easy, and sometimes the girls need to give some special attention to their manager in order stay in his good graces -- the squeaky wheel getting the grease, as they say. Now in Idols Galore!, the new English interactive hentai game, you play Kuro, a master manager of Japan&sbquos top idols. As manager, you&sbquoll get to be the one calling the shots for a gorgeous groups of sexy pop stars. What will you do with them?

Since you control the careers of these lovely girls, they can&sbquot very well refuse your advances. Will you make them give their bodies to you at the office, or on the set of a film shoot? One at a time, or all at once? And which of the four gorgeous girls will you take for your own in the end? It&sbquos all up to you, and you&sbquove got the whole world in your hands. An incredible game of bondage, spanking, S&M and other bold themes!

System Requirements
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
Processor: Pentium 2 or better
Graphics: Directx 9c
Hard Disk: 640MB free space

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