Gorgeous Goddess Yulia - Yulia in the Spring

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The most beautiful Russian goddess is available on DVD! 85 minutes.
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Fans of Yulia Nova, your wait is over -- J-List and Russian Beauties are proud to announce Yulia's latest DVD! The summer is over and the days are getting much colder, but you can keep warm by cuddling up to Yulia. This great hair nude gravure edition gives you more than just a peak at Yulia's gorgeous feminine curves through lingerie, on the bed or even crawling on all fours to get your heart pumping. A wonderful treat for Yulia's fans all over the world! This is the Spring Edition where you can enjoy your evenings with Yulia in Moscow!

This was unavailable on J-List for several years but is now finally in stock!

Run Time: 85min
Region: Free

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