Gorgeous Goddess Yulia – Moscow in the Winter

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Yulia Nova fans will not be cold this winter! 85 minutes.
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J-List is extremely proud to be able to bring you the next release of Yulia Nova, the unparalleled Russian soft core angel! This DVD recaptures the natural beauty of Yulia Nova, with all new material as photographer and model reunite for the first time since those first legendary sessions! Yulia is just as entrancing to watch as before, as she discusses her present life and her future, all the while giving us incredible views of her magnificent body. Yulia fans will certainly be happy with these new releases, featuring 85 minutes of previously unreleased material produced by the original discoverer of Yulia, Satoshi Kizu.

Volume 3 presents Yulia in the cold harsh Moscow winter, in stunning lingerie and nude scenes. Chapter stops include Yulia, playing in the powdered snow in the villa garden. On the sofa, a daring nude. On a beautiful white bed. A cold morning at the Kremlin, -17 degrees C. Yulia on a beautiful red bed with her hair up. A burning flame in front of a Russian stove. Yulia, relaxed in the bath.

This special disc features complete optional subtitles in English, and is free of mosaic censorship. The next stage of Yulia Nova is here!

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