Yollki Palki (Ёлки-палки) Collection of Works 2

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This is an incredibly amazing full color hentai manga filled with the works of Japanese artist Yollki Palki, aka Rororogi Mogera!
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Yollki Palki is a Russian exclamation expressing surprise, and it's also the pen name of Rororogi Mogera, one of Japan's hottest hentai artists.

This is a collection of four separate detailed hentai stories that achieved hundreds of thousands of downloads on the FANZA artist community.

The four stories are

1. My Son-in-Law is a Ghost
2. Accidental Property x Foreign Student Mysterious Love Affair in a 4 1/2 Tatami Room
3. The L Church and the Heretic Family
4. The Story of a Girl Who Had Sex With Mysterious Creates At Night (haunted mansion x shoujo story)

Pages: 200

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