Kawari Kawatte Limited Edition

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This is an amazing hentai manga from artist TIROTATA and Unreal Comics. This is the limited edition with a bonus separate book.
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This is an awesome hentai manga from artist TIROTATA about a main character who gives his girlfriend Akane a potion that makes her skin fall off. He puts on Akane's skin, instantly becoming her (except for his giant cock and perverted heart), as he goes off to have many sexual adventures inside his girlfriend's skin.

The chapter list for this manga is

1. Skin Skin Skin part 1
2. Skin Skin Skin part 2
3. Skin Skin Skin part 3
4. Skin Skin Skin part 4
5. Skin Skin Skin part 5
6. Skinning Skinning Unsatisfied Carnal Desire New Illustrations
7. The Needle In The Skin
8. Mazari-ai -- Our Bodies Tangled to Gether
9. Tenshi To Akuma No Kodomo Wars
Hashirutte Smile (Newly Drawn for this Volume)

This is a limited edition of this manga, which comes with an additional chapter as a separate volume.

Pages: 192

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