Wise Boobs -- Kashikoi Oppai

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Enjoy this great hentai manga from artist Yukkurisu and GOT Comics!
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Two overly serious co-workers decide to throw caution to the wind and have sex. A story of a future in which you can clone the person you love and fuck them repeately. A girl with breasts so amazing, she can satisfy anyone. A female mad scientist who can't stop experimenting sexually. And lots more!

The chapter list for this manga is

1. The Seriousness Can't Be Cured By Doing It 1
2. The Seriousness Cannot Be Cured By Doing It 2
3. The Seriousness Cannot Be Cured By Doing It 3
4. 24Th Century Lovers
5. The Too Big Trouble Of A Vianist
6. The Record Of Experiencing The Top Secret Experience In Hakodate
7. Pointers
8. Newly Painted Liquid Paintings

Pages: 226

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