Hitozu Money

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We love the Hitozuma genre for telling stories of sexy women who can't keep from fucking other men! Enjoy this hentai manga by Touma Itsuki and Megastore Comics.
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Enjoy a fun hentai manga by artist Touma Itsuki exploring the "hitozuma" genre. But not just the age-old theme of a married woman accepting the cocks of men who aren't her husband, but doing it for money. It's great to see these amazing women opening their legs to let strangers come inside!

The chapter list for this manga is

1. Hitozu Money 1
2. Hitozu Money 2
3. Hitozu Money 3
4. Hitozu Money 4
5. Hitozu Money 5
6. Afterlife
7. Licentious Judge
8. The Day The Secret Was Born
9. Mounting
10. Mating
11. Milk Rush

Pages: 230

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