Faith To Lewdness

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This is an amazing hentai manga from artist Yoki Kana, with lots of naughty tentacles!
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Enjoy this first "virgin" tankoubon manga release by new artist Yoki Kana, with stories about monsters, tentacle creatures and demi-humans who then human women into their sexual prizes.

This manga has it all tentacle monsters, naughty slimes probing every inch of their victims' bodies, savage goblins taking turns and more!

The chapter list for this manga is

1. Bud Of Lust
2. Wise Choice
3. Hot Spring Female Leap
4. The Bottom Of The White Muddy
5. Sukinochi
6. Disappear In The Ghost Valley
7. Beast Bride
8. The Last Nest Box
9. POW Heaven
10. If Mariella's Challenge

Pages: 196

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