The Marginal New Town Tastes Like Honey

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Enjoy this new hentai manga by legendary artist SAIGADO and Angel Comics!
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Amazing artist SAIGADO bring us an amazing new hentai manga with a sexy younger sister!

Shun is a young man who moves into a dilapidated old house so he can have a free place to live. One day a girl named Yua comes to his house and has sex wit hhim. She calls Shun "Oniichan" and he wonders how he could have gotten so lucky. But it's just the first amazing sexual encounter he will experience...

The chapter list for this manga is

1. The House At The End Of The World
2. Yua
3. Silence
4. Airi
5. Prison Of The Blue Sky
7. Memory
9. Rise To The Top

Pages: 184

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