Female Body Paradise Harem

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This is an amazign hentai manga from artist Chro (pronounced Kuro) and Sanwa Comics about harem sex!
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What happens if there's a school where all the girls love becoming part of a harem, getting fucked constantly? That's the theme explored by artist Chro (Kuro) in this hentai manga!

The girls are all beautiful, with sexy, fertile bodies that are willing to take the seed of any man. It's great to see unfold!

The chapter list for this manga is

1. Harem Land 1! Let Your Erotic Nature Blossom At The Sex Park Even If It's Your First Time
2. Harem Land 2! Let's Let Your True Nature Blossom
3. When An Honour Student Takes Off Her Flip Flops She's In Big Trouble
4. When An Honor Student Takes Off Her Mask She's In Big Trouble
5. Paco Paco Resort Full Of Perverts Where You Can Fuck As Much As You Want
6. The Girls Of The Class Are Given All They Want In The School
7. Hypnotic Domination Girls Academy Uniform Girls From Hypnotic Hell
8. Harem Sex Life In A School Full Of Girls Who Want To Be Impregnated
9. When Sex Becomes A Aanctioned Sport All The Girls In Gym Suits And School Swimsuits Get Naked And Go Through Sex Training

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Pages: 218

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