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Here's a superb hentai manga featuring sexy elves, female orcs and more, along with a young hero who gets to taste them all!
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Get ready for an amazing hentai manga by artist Tinn Hisakawa and GOT Comics about a young hero in a fantasy world surrounded by sexy elves, dark elves, mages, and more...all of whom need his cock.

The chapter list for the manga is

1. A Dirty Elf Appears 2. Yuu Kun The Heroic Young Boy Is The Chosen Hero Of The Holy Sword 3. He Still Can't Control His Power And Gets Dirty With The Demon's Blood 4. While Bathing In The River The Busty Elf Elniel Appears 5. Yuu Kun Is So Scared Of The Lecherous Ellef That He Can't Help But Be Scared Of Her 6. She Plays With His Cock And Finally Inserts Herself Into Him 7. Yuukun Is In A Pinch Because Of The Elf's Aggressive Use Of His Hips That Never Stops 8. The Blessing Of The Holy Sword Is Finally Triggered

Pages: 205

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