Seifuku Shojo THE ANIMATION Gold Disc (Region 2)

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Enjoy this great remastered edition of the Seifuku Shojo hentai anime!
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This is a great special edition of the Seifuku Shojo hentai anime, remastered with great high quality for your viewing enjoyment.

This release has all four episodes. The episodes are

EPISODE.1 "Aphrodisiac Desire
Harumi Mikimoto is a pure virgin who has not even allowed her boyfriend Shinji to kiss her. One day, she is summoned to the principal's office and witnesses her best friend Yukari being defiled by the principal!

Usagi-chan gets soaked by a sudden heavy rain. She takes shelter from the rain at a brothel, where she is lent a bunny-girl costume! Usagi's innocence is taken away from her by men who have no idea why.

Takuma Matsumoto, who has an unusual crush on his classmate Jun Kudo, finally kidnaps her at home. Jun is restrained and forced to take her virginity. She is also hung, toyed with, and played with.

EPISODE.4 "One Half of a Full Moon"
Motoko is invited by her sister Miki to the gymnasium in her swimsuit. What awaits her there is a dirty janitor named Inasaku, who enjoys taking hidden photos.

Japanese language only.

Run Time: 68min

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