Married Woman NTR in the Convenience Store

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Get ready fo r afun hentai manga from artist Sanukiyan and Cyberia Series Comics about NTR while working late-night in a convenience store!
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Haruka is a housewife who lives with her husband and only daughter. At first glance, Haruka's family seems happy, but her husband is tired and indifferent to her, and her daughter Aki is rebellious and rarely talks to her parents about herself or school...

One day, Aki's friend shoplifts at the convenience store where Haruka works, and Aki, who was with her, is made an accomplice. She manages to ask the manager to spare her from police action, but in return, she has to give the manager a handjob. Seeing his huge cock activates a switch in Haruka which opens a whole new world to her.

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