I Was Supposed to Only Like Girls, But...

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A super fun hentai manga from hentai artist Doumou (written "doumou") and published by Shingeki Comics!
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Enjoy this new hentai manga from artist doumou, with great stories inside.

Mairo and Megu are two JKs who rush to school in a crowded train together every morning. When Mahiro defends Megu against train gropers inside the train, we learn that they're dating, and madly in love with each other.

Then one day Megu doesn't go to school, and Mahiro finds herself being groped by a large perverted man. She's disgusted at first, but soon realizes she loves it, and starts riding the train alone so she can experience it again and again.

But she was supposed to only like girls...?

Pages: 206

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