Nyu-In Sei-Katsu -- Lewd Breast Life

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This is a fun hentai manga from artist Ume Fuumi and GOT Comics with a massive 274 pages!
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The minute you take this hentai manga in your hand you'll know something is amazing, because it's so thick, with 274 pages of quality hentai art for us. Across 10 chapters, enjoy the story of naughty nurses in a perverted hospital.

Risa is hospitalized for hemorrhoids, and is taken care of by a handsome male nurse. WIth great care he helps her with her problems, giving her enema, bathing her and applying special cream to her anus. It's so embarrassing, having a hunk of a man look at her down there, but eventually Risa starts to like it. Soon she in love with him, and wants his cock inside her!

Pages: 274

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