Ganbare Doukichan 11 w/Clear FIle Bonus -- Yom (Senpai is Mine) *Grand Finale*

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Straight from the newest Comiket, this is volume eight of the popular doujinshi by circle Yom Shoten and artist Yom about cute office ladies doing cute things.
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Enjoy a brand new issue of Ganbare Doukichan! (Senpai is Mine!), filled with delightful illustrations of all the Douki-chan characters Douki-chan, Kouhai-chan, Senpai-san and more. Will Douki-chan get closer to finding office romance with Douki-kun this time around?

This is a special limited edition that comes with a large sized "clear file" (document protector) for all your important documents.

circle Yom Shoten
artist Yom
genre Original

Pages: 44

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SKU: NDJ3143