By The Time She Lapses Into Lust 2

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A great hentai manga by artist Minato Itoya and Bavel Comics that explores stories of pure girls who are virgins learning about sex and becoming perverted!
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This is a gerat hentai manga from artist Minato Itoya and Bavel Comics about good and pure girls "falling" into lives of sexual lewdness.

The chapter list for this manga is1. Until Kawanabe-san Fall 2. Until Inuma-san Falls3. Until Miyano-san Falls4. Until Usami-san Falls5. Until Ichiyoshi-san Falls 6. Until Yamada-san Falls7. Until Kamimura-san Falls 8. Until Tsurugasaki-san Falls9. Until Shirowatase-san Falls

Each story shows a pure girl learning how good sex is and becoming a total slut!

Pages: 196

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