Prestige Premium Exclusive -- Remu Suzumori VOL. 07 ***2 Discs & 8 Hours***

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This is volume seven of the Remu Suzumori edition of Prestige Premium Exclusive. Featuring the best scenes of Remu compiled into a 2 disc set. 480 minutes, region free DVD.
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Another great new Prestige Premium Exclusive DVD, enjoy a fabulous collection of sizzling hot titles starring Remu Suzumori. This is a 2 disc set that features six of Remu's best works plus never before released scenes. Titles include Literary Girls, Every day I just have sweaty and rich sex with my childhood friend in the countryside where there is nothing, Suzumori Musou, Shin Orgasm, Heat Up Love Potion NTR, and Karaki Jozu no Suzumori-san plus unreleased footage.

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