Fellatio Research Club

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Enjoy this amazing hentai manga by artist Zonda and Mujin Comics, which explores stories about girls giving oral pleasure to men with their mouth!
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Across six long chapters (including one original chapter written for this volume), see an amazing story of girls who join the Fellatio Research Club to perfect their oral technique.

One day Amaya-kun gets a surprise: the cutest girl in his class, Azusa Shirauyki, asks if she can lick his penis after school. Amaya had been in love with Azusa for several years, even masturbating to her secretly in school. Azusa takes him to a small building behind where he meets the other club members, including the super sexy Kanae-sensei, who knew about Amaya's love for Azusa and wanted to bring them together through the power of fellatio.

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Pages: 212

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