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This is a great hentai manga from new artist Shigun Asaomi!
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Enjoy this surprising and crazy collection of hentai stories from new artist Shigun Asaomi. This is his first tankoubon format manga.

Surprize and crazy is the title of this manga, and you will definitely be surprised at what's inside. A crazed man who finds a mind control app for his phone. A popular idol "graduating" by getting pregnant while her fans watch. And more!

The chapter list for this manga is

1. The Nekonomiya Family Is A Family Of Five part 1
2. The Nekonomiya Family Is A Family Of Five part 2
3. The Hananomiya Family Is A Family Of Three part 1
4. The Ikenomoto Couple Is A Family Of Three People part 2
5. Echi Idol
6. Giant Young Girl Delivery Service (Pocchari girls!)
7. Defeated Magical Girl Maria
8. Off Pi Repo Kanomaru (the artist's doujin work)

This ero manga is newly restocked!

Pages: 200

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