Honey Hole -- The Female Hole Of My Childhood Friend

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Enjoy this fun hentai manga from artist Kuon and GOT Comics with two long stories inside!
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This is a great hentai manga offering from artist Kyon and GOT Comics with great stories inside!

The first long story is How to Explore JK Anal Without Cheating (six chapters). It follows Naoyuki, a boy wit a fetish for girls with big asses. He finally gets his childhood friend Maki to have sex with him, but she draws the line at anal sex. He asks his other childhood friend Mitsuka for advice, and she offers to let him use her anus if he wants!

Then there's Shota-Kun Is Drowning In Anal Sex With an Older Girl In His Neighborhood. What happens when a younger boy gets invited to have forbidden sex by a cute "oneesan"?

Pages: 206

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