Machinery Intercourse x Eros Status

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This is an amazing collection of hentai stories by 9 different artists, exploring the concept of robotic android sex!
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In the future, mankind relies on beautiful women in mecha suits to fight its battles. But what happens when the girls are defeated, and subjected to the most unimaginable sexual punishment? There's no end to the fun.

This manga contains stories by 9 artists, including Yatai, Dummy Mitsu, Inasotsu and more.

1. War Z Female Four Spirit War
2. Examinee Megitsu Utaama Licensing Examination
3. Inhalation Slash Inescapable Online Climax Dungeon (futuristic catgirl sex!)
4. Holy Woman's Mouth Penance (mecha battle nuns!)
5. To the Cheating Little Bitch!
6. Lumire, the Sun Goddess
7. Light Candle
8. Hacking Suit Hazard
9. Virtual Flesh Toilet for Maximum Pleasure
1. Total Sex Slave Future

Pages: 176

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