sweet pool Premium Fan Collection

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Fans of the Boy's Love video game genre are going to love this, the first limited edition made directly by Nitroplus!
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JAST BLUE and Nitro+CHiRAL present the sweet pool Premium Fan Collection, a beautiful box packed full of merchandise for fans of this gripping boys' love title.

Available in limited quantity only!


After yet another long stay in the hospital, Sakiyama Youji hoped that things would finally get back to normal. But shortly after returning to school, his world begins to change — and no one seems to notice.

Bizarre symptoms plague his body, and vivid hallucinations of blood and flesh stalk his every waking moment. At the same time, two fellow students — the stoic Tetsuo and the notorious troublemaker Zenya — begin to take an intense and inexplicable interest in him.

What are Tetsuo and Zenya after? Are his hallucinations really nothing more? Everyone seems to know more than they're letting on — but by trying to put the pieces together, Youji may be sowing the seeds of his doom.

This package contains:

*Premium Art Book (A4-size)
Packed full of beautiful artwork from a wide selection of sources, including magazine releases and limited edition merchandise.

*Exclusive sweet pool Tote Bag
A classy tote bag featuring each major character's animal motif.

*4 Acrylic Figures + 4 Backdrops
Let the characters keep you company beside your keyboard or recreate tableaus from the game with these figures and backgrounds.

*Exclusive sweet pool T-shirt
A gorgeous design that lets you show your fan spirit without compromising style. Free-size.

*10 Piece Can-Badge Set
Featuring cute stoats and chibi character artwork by Yupon. Wear them on your jacket or start an itabag!

*5 A4-sized Clearfile Folders
Beautiful folders to display or use. Includes SD artwork by Yamada Uiro.

*Exclusive Set of 5 sweet pool Postcards
Featuring artwork from the game. Send them to fellow sweet pool fans or decorate your wall!

*Proof of Purchase
Each set carries a unique serial number, proving that you're a loyal fan of sweet pool!

*Steam Download Key
Each package includes a download key for the Steam version of sweet pool.

Note: This package does not contain a physical copy of the game.

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