Prestige Premium Exclusive -- Umi Yatsugake VOL. 05 ***2 Discs & 8 Hours***

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This is volume five of the Umi Yatsugake edition of Prestige Premium Exclusive. Featuring the best scenes of Umi compiled into a 2 disc set running for a total of 8 hours. Region free DVD.
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Another great new Prestige Premium Exclusive DVD, enjoy a fabulous collection of sizzling hot titles starring Umi Yatsugake. This is a 2 disc set that features six of Umi's best works. Titles include Fuzoku Tower Premium, Literary Girls, Every day I just have sweaty and rich sex with my childhood friend in the countryside where there is nothing, Ejaculation Executive Officer, Umi Yatsugake More Juice 120%, and Little Devil Cousin plus unreleased footage.

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